The Edition of the Protocols of the Austrian/Cisleithanian Cabinet 1867-1918 is a Long‐Term Research Project at the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Three volumes are granted by the FWF Austrian Science Fund.


This edition of the Austrian/Cisleithanian minutes of the council of ministers covers the half century period from the Austrian-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 up to the end of the monarchy in 1918. The edition will connect the editions of the minutes of the imperial Austrian council of ministers until 1867 and the republican Austrian council of ministers from 1918 onwards. The minutes of the common council of ministers and of the Hungarian council of ministers of the period 1867-1918 are also being edited. Unfortunately, the Austrian/Cisleithanian minutes of the council of ministers severely suffered from the burning of the Justizpalast in 1927. They are today part of the so called Brandakten. However, not all minutes were destroyed. The still existing minutes are to be published with textual criticism and scientific commentary, like the minutes of the other editions. A search for copies of destroyed minutes in other archives is also part of this effort. In addition, a table of all meetings and topics from the Kabinettskanzlei will be published.

Like the time before, until 1867, and the time after, from 1918 onwards, the council of ministers was the central institution, where the activity of government was concentrated. The width of topics covers all political and administrative problems: questions of structure and organisation of the state, development of the economy and society as well as cultural and social problems. The main topics are the interacting effects of problems of the provinces and problems of entirety of Austria/Cisleithania, including the nationality question, as well as the relation of the government to the parliament, the Reichsrat.

A scientific prepared edition of these important minutes is a necessary support for researchers and universities. They bear witness to crucial years of the history of today’s Austria and her neighbours. The project contributes a historical scientific base to international and interdisciplinary co-operation. Also, the publication of the Brandakten is a effort to save the cultural heritage, since each use of the original documents causes further damage.


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